Long/Short Fund

Long/Short Fund


The Red Oak Fund is a long/short equity hedge fund focused on investing in underfollowed and mispriced micro and small cap stocks. Red Oak’s Portfolio Manager, David Sandberg, has maintained this same strategy for 14+ years and has achieved compound annualized net returns in excess of 13% through that time period.

Fund Strategy:

Value – Self-originated screening and independent due diligence to identify stocks that are materially underfollowed or mispriced.

Catalyst/ Event Driven – Investments have identified catalysts or events expected to occur within targeted timelines and to avoid value traps. Twenty-six of the Fund’s investment holdings have been acquired since inception.

Taxes – low turnover, long-term strategy. Since inception, over 85% of the Fund’s realized gains have been long-term.


Structure: Domestic Fund For U.S. Investors

Minimum Subscription: $500,000

Management Fee: 2% per

Incentive Fee: 20%

Subscriptions: Monthly

Redemptions: Quarterly

Lock Up: 12 months standard


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